Paco Romane is a copywriter with an emphasis on strong comedy writing and creative advertising copy.

Working hard at creating projects that are funny and memorable.

He's created videos, ads, websites, full length sketch shows, podcasts, and more.

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Cancer PSA

Fuck Cancer, based in Vancouver, targets Canadians to engage, start dialogues and most importantly, get checked. I wrote, produced and co-starred in this ad that was featured on Huffington Post.

Kingsford Spec Ad

For some people they are stuck at the grill but with Kingsford Match Light™ you can pour, light and relax -  away from all kinds of "distractions".

Totally Sketchy - Web Series

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Totally Sketchy is a comedy web series about my life in a fledging sketch comedy theater group. I wrote, cast, produced, co-starred and directed all the episodes.


Comedy Videos

Some people paint, some draw. I make comedy videos.



My Podcast

Fellow documentary nerd? I created Sup Doc, the premier podcast about documentaries. Started in 2015 with over 100 episodes this bi-weekly comedy podcast devoted to documentaries and the people that love them. As the originator of the podcast I also designed our logo and website. And as our copywriter I maintain our fun creative atmosphere.

Killing My Lobster

Killing My Lobster is San Francisco's premier sketch comedy group. I was head writer on many of Killing My Lobster's full run shows, videos and one nighters.


Solo Show

Painfully White is my solo comedy show about growing up in an all-white racist town with a black step-father whose last name was White.

Stand Up

I have been writing and performing stand up comedy for 10 years.
Twice voted Best Comedian by the SF Bay Guardian and SF Weekly! I have worked with the best of the best and headline all over the country.

Sal and Mitzi

Sal and Mitzi are a unique comedy duo that are better placed in the late 1950's than 2018. Their schtick is left-of-center vaudevillian sexiness. I write our act, songs, videos and jokes.

Dogs Of New Bark

To me there is nothing funnier than dogs in clothing. I decided that adding a bio would humanize them even more by adding a real life element.

Show Flyers

Naming comedy shows and working on show posters is always a fun design project. Conveying the "where, what and when" while also letting audiences know what they can expect is a great challenge.


Acting is another passion of mine. There's nothing quite like sitting in make-up chairs making small talk while someone tries to make me look good. I have booked many national commercials including a Super Bowl Ad! I also work as a session director for all of San Francisco's casting directors so I know what it is like to be on both sides of the camera.

Easy Listening

A few thoughts that let me rest easy:
Dogs Not Cats, Pies Not Cakes.
Pineapple belongs in fruit cocktail not on pizza.
If it's bubbly I'll drink it.
Two words - Road Trip.
I will always pet a dog.
I am a better singer than I let on.
Driving > Flying
Walking > Driving
We all deserve a good hyphen.