My Approach

I really enjoy being creative. As a matter of  fact I have dedicated my life to it. At 8 years old I wrote my first joke book. At 10 I wrote, produced and casted a full play called "Just Commercials" that parodied all of the best ads that were on TV at the time. My 5th grade class thought it was cool. At 15 I had a variety show that I wrote and produced called "Those 3 Guys" with my buddy Russ.

I have been in bands, toured the country playing music and doing comedy. I have worked for record labels even started my own multi media company called FreeDirt Media. FDM was nothing more than me and my buddies making comedy videos but in 1997 this was a big deal. Especially because we had a website with flash animation!

I have acted, written, directed and produced countless comedy performances and after each one was finished I looked forward to the next project with equal amounts of energy and passion.



My Story

When I was a kid I used to tell everyone that I wanted to be a comedy writer. Comedy was my everything. From Mad Magazine to David Letterman to Monty Python I couldn't get enough. It's all I ever wanted and it's all I've ever known.

When I first moved to San Francisco I would write comedy plays but with not knowledge on how to rent a theater I would perform them with a few friends during our house parties! I used to call them "The Half Time Show"  - and each one would be a different theme.

This led to me finally auditioning for my first comedy play called Trailer Town. Trailer Town was already a hit show and somehow I ended up as the new lead and from there met my comedy hero and idol Robin Williams.

From there I got an opportunity to to be in Killing My Lobster the famed sketch comedy group in SF. I first got into the group as one of the writers but soon got to be an actor as well. I also started hosting The Killing My Lobster Kabaret which led to starting my own show The Romane Event which became one of San Francisco's longest running and much heralded comedy shows.

The Romane Event went on to feature in many comedy festivals including SF Sketchfest, Gulf Coast Comedy Festival and Outside Lands.

As a kid making up jokes with my grandma I never imagined that one day I would be called a "Bay Area comedy legend" or "one of the greatest SF comedians" but I am honored and feel truly blessed. Through it all I want to keep writing and making people laugh.

Meet the Team

These people have helped me become the performer I am today and they are also completely made up.


Patricia Benchcraft

Paco Romane's Manager

Patty enjoys kayaking with her husband Peter, spending time with her kids and eating jelly beans.


Peter Benchcraft

Paco Romane's Attorney

Not sure what the hell Patty is talking about  - we don't have kids.


Frank Mars

Paco Romane's CFO

Certified Funny Outlook

Next Steps...

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